Paıntıng As A Self-Story Anatomy Of The Raınbow'S Angel

Institution Of The Thesis: Gazi University, Turkey

Approval Date: 2016

Thesis Language: Turkish

Student: Jale Gökçe

Consultant: ŞENİZ AKSOY


Anatomy of the Rainbow's Angel in this study has been used as a metaphor. Rainbow's Angel is metaphor of artist who self-study and Anatomy is metaphor of specific nature of self-study. In this study, it has been described the story of an artist who both paints and criticizes her own paintings to develop herself as epistemic, ethic and aesthetic. The aim of this study is to create original artworks, to investigate them, to stress the playing role of research and interpretation methods in these processes and to propose a method for selfdevelopment combining artistic activity and art criticism for Rainbow's Angel. The starting point of the study is that both painting and painting criticism are a self-practice, self-forming and building. The study, based on processes of research and interpretation, represents two stages : The first stage is the painting which converts verbal contents to visual signs, artistic activity. The second stage is the investigation of painting which converts visual signs to verbal text, art criticism. This two stages represent a dynamic process including transitions from the language of painting to the languages of research and interpretation, and from the role of artist to the roles of researcher and interpreter. The artist's encounter with own paintings generates a range of encounter between methods of research and criticism, primary and seconder mental processes, and self and interpretation which were mutually sustaining and inspiring and together results in self-development.