Aerodynamıc Rım Desıgn Wıth Bıomımetıc Approach And A Practıce

Thesis Type: Postgraduate

Institution Of The Thesis: Gazi Üniversitesi, Fen Bilimleri Enstitüsü, Turkey

Approval Date: 2020

Thesis Language: Turkish




Limited, expensive, non-recyclable and non-environmentally friendly fuels harm humanity for various reasons. Especially the fuels used in the transportation sector are among the leading reasons for polluting the environment. Recently, there are various studies to save fuel as well as works to reduce emission values of vehicles. In this study, rim design was discussed in aerodynamic vehicle design, which is a branch of energy saving R&D studies, which gained importance especially in the 21st century. In this study, the methodology from biology to design, which is one of the biomimetic science study methodologies, was applied. It has been determined that the aerodynamic structure of the rim, which is designed according to the solution proposal of this methodology, reduces the air friction resistance compared to a standard rim model most preferred in the market. Thus, energy was saved and the surface quality of the rim was improved.