A Study On The Transmıssıon Of Culture Specıfıc Items Into Englısh Translatıon Of Dear Shameless Death By Latife Tekin

Thesis Type: Postgraduate

Institution Of The Thesis: Gazi University, Turkey

Approval Date: 2017

Thesis Language: Turkish

Student: Figen Öztemel

Supervisor: MUSTAFA KURT


This study aims at demonstrating which translation strategies are preferred in order to deal with the translation of culture-specific items in Latife Tekin's Sevgili Arsız Ölüm (1983) and its English translation entitled Dear Shameless Death (2001). To achieve this primary aim, a comparative analyses is carried out between Sevgili Arsız Ölüm and Dear Shameless Death, translated into English by Saliha Paker and Mel Kenne, and a sample set consisting of conspicuous examples for culture-specific items is created. Then the culture-specific items in the sample set is classified according to Newmark's (1988) categorization of culture-specific items. These culture-specific items are analyzed according to Venuti's (1995) domestication and foreignization methods in broad sense. Finally, a common strategy group is created based on Eirlys E. Davies (2003) and Javier Franco Aixelá's (1996) taxonomies proposed for translation of culture-specific items and the samples are analyzed according to these taxonomies. When the sample group of 100 culture-specific items are analyzed, it has been seen that the translators used, on the one hand, foreignization strategies such as addition, preservation, orthographic adaptation and on the other hand, domestication strategies such as omission, globalization and localization in order to deal with translation of culture-specific items. The most frequently used strategy among others has been determined to be globalization strategy. Creation and transformation strategies were left out of this study's scope as there were not found any peculiar examples.