The investigation of municipial buildings and their environtments in Ankara with regard to Turkish Standarts related with accessibility

Thesis Type: Postgraduate

Institution Of The Thesis: Gazi Üniversitesi, Fen Bilimleri Enstitüsü, Turkey

Approval Date: 2013


Supervisor: CAN GÜNGÖR


The main problem discussed in this study, is the problems faced by people with disabilities throughout their lives, due to architectural application and barriers that prevent them from using the open public space effectively, not utilizing public services, not being able to be occupied in the public sector and not being able to officiate the duties of basic citizenship without the help of another person. For the people with disabilities, in order to officiate their public duties and benefit from public services, that public buildings and their surrounding environments have to be compliant with the regulations described in the Turkish standards TS 12576 and TS 9111, related with people with disabilities. This study examines the five municipal service buildings and their surrounding environments, using the evaluation forms prepared with regard to these standards, chosen from municipalities which provide one to one services to citizens in Ankara, using the method of observations and analysis based on data collection technique and comparison. As a result of evaluations of these data obtained, the accessibility of the determined buildings and their environments, an accessibility value for each activity area (U.D.) and an overall accessibility value (G.U.D.) for each building is determined. These accessibility values (U.D.) determined allows the comparative evaluation with regard to deficiencies observed within activity areas of the building, the surrounding environment of the building, the overall building, and with regard to each evaluation form. Along with that each activity area and each building was comparatively evaluated with each other. As a result of the evaluations, the accessibility values (U.D.) of the surrounding environment of the building, contributes pretty much to the its overall accessibility value (G.U.D.) indicate that the accessibility in urban design is as important as the interior accessible design of the buildings.