The Deregulatıon Of Raılways Global Applıcatıons And Proposals For Turkey

Thesis Type: Postgraduate

Institution Of The Thesis: Gazi University, Turkey

Approval Date: 2017

Thesis Language: Turkish

Student: Elvan Arslan

Supervisor: METİN ŞENBİL


Rail transport sector, that is system made up of comprehensive operations and units for rail transport, includes road construction, fixed facilities management, engine management, road and traffic control services, location and catering services, training, maintenance, related lower and the upper structures and other activities according to the international rules. Also, these activities include the coordination and supervision. The aim of the thesis, according to global scale deregulation and privatization practices, to put forward proposals for the railways in our country and to lead such strategies to be prepared. The content of the study using international comparisons consists of determination of the current situation, developments in the world of rail transportation network, evaluation of liberalization, proposals about the sector and expectations. Firstly, in the study of thesis; historical adventure of the rail transport sector and the development level of the current situation were evaluated as world and Turkey. It includes regional and economic changes under the current situation in the world. In Turkey; generally the future of the rail industry, position in the industry, comparison between TCDD and the similar organizations of TCDD in the world, traffic development in rail transport, the restructuring, the overall condition of the station and the station as freight and passenger transport with instructer and superstructure's financial problems are examined. In the last part of the thesis study, a general evaluation was made and some suggestions were made for Turkish railways. It is considered that the study will contribute to the determination of deregulation / privatization strategies and the role of the state in the rail transport sectors.