A Readıng Experıment On Experımental Archıtecture: Serpentıne Gallery Pavılıons

Thesis Type: Postgraduate

Institution Of The Thesis: Gazi Üniversitesi, Fen Bilimleri Enstitüsü, Turkey

Approval Date: 2015




Architecture has sought new avenues which differ from existing through the process and therefore questioned its ground of existence and boundaries. All sorts of seeking in architecture has emerged as an alternative 'trial' which criticized the existing before and been experimental works affecting the after of architecture. The new intermediate ground that the architecture determined for own becomes more visible with the concept of "experimental architecture" which is defined at the intersection of architecture and experiment. With prioritizing the state of making experiment in architecture, an experimentation attitude that tends to be independent from the areas defined way of doing architecture and opens for each possibilities are came into question in architecture. With the defense of being an actualization that produces thought and discourse in architectural production, just beyond the physical building actions; the construction of a new experiment, thought or trial define the occurrence areas of architecture now. The way of doing architecture beyond which is customary, repeated and therefore stabilized is made possible by only the destruction of the stereotypes and the considered valid that placed in mind with experimentation in architecture. Also with each new trial seeking, the ground of architecture transforms to a potential intermediate that is never stayed long and never occured perceptual addictions at, as a result; experimental architecture acquire quality that more dynamic, uncontrollable and unmeasurable, so this situation reflects as a variety of discourse and a whole of disorganized information on the approach of experimental architecture to literature. However, although experimental architecture based its ground of existence on unlimitedness and independence, it needs for some principles to place in relatively a stable systematic. Thus, while experimental architecture determines the dynamics of own, unlike the tools which can be measured are used and established a correlation with the first rules defined in architecture as "utility, firmness, beauty" of Vitruvius's principles. By reading the equivalences of these three principles in experimental architecture approaches, the thesis in itself becomes an experiment or a trial of reading by the discourses and terminology of experimental architecture can be categorized. Finally with the obtained framework belongs to experimental architecture, some contemporary architectural practices are examined and done readings of experimentation. As a result, Serpentine Gallery Pavilions performed as alternative trials in architecture between the years 2000-2014 are handled on the dynamics of experimental architecture that framework is discussed through the evaluation principles and the thesis verified its ground of existence by this method