An evaluation method proposal for mass housing at housing ensemble scala: Housing Development Administration (HDA), Ankara case

Thesis Type: Doctorate

Institution Of The Thesis: Gazi Üniversitesi, Fen Bilimleri Enstitüsü, Turkey

Approval Date: 2014


Supervisor: SARE SAHİL


Mass housing manufacture has become an integral part of our cities nowadays and it has gained such an effectiveness that it started to direct the future of the cities. Mass housing applications has been started together with industrial revolution in Europa; but it has been started in our country in 1870. Later on, hundreds of applications have been made in whole Turkey; but following the foundation of Housing Development Administration (HDA) in 1984, a new era has been opened in mass housing applications, and because of the dense mass housing applications, this era caused great attraction. This dense contruction causes some anxieties about the future of our cities. These anxieties may only be made disappear by good planning of construction and by considering the importance of the high quality of and the production of the houses built.In order to be able to see and to improve the conditions of the mass housing in our country; it is necessary to check and carefuly study how well the required rules, regulations, standards, and specifications are being followed while the mass housing are being designed. . As the subject matter is quite comprescale; the study limited to developing an evaluation method which gathers together the design limits of mass housing at housing ensemble scale with its physical properties within the scope of an architect. The aim of this study is to test this new evaluation method in some mass housing applications and so, to develop some solution recommendations for effective use of the fields at this scale, considering these test results. In this study; a quantitative method is realised by data gathering methods such as documentary screening and internet browsing as well as the field study. As a field study; HDA, whose primary function is to cover the housing deficit in the country, and its mass housing applications that stil receives serious critisizm have been sifted through. The city of Ankara and its vicinity where HDA's dense housing manufacturing is going on has been selected to study on. These field studies have been realized on such settlements as Turkuaz, Örencik, and Eryaman 6'th stage projects at the housing ensemble scale. In fact, this and the prior studies has been reached some findings which are really quiding in solving the mass housing application problems. However, the more important is the improvement of applications of the mass housing in consideration of the academic studies by the mass housing producers.