The effects of thermal procedure on transformation temperature, crystal structure and microstructure of Cu-Al-Co shape memory alloy

Aydogdu Y. , Kok M., Dagdelen F., Aydogdu A. , Turabi A. S. , Karaca H. E.

9th International Conference on Magnetic and Superconducting Materials (MSM), Antalya, Turkey, 30 April - 03 May 2015, vol.667 identifier identifier


The purpose of this study is to investigate the effects of different thermal procedures of the Cu-Al-Co shape memory alloy on its crystal structure, transformation temperature and microstructure. The alloys were subjected to a heat treatment and then cooling was applied at four different conditions. After the thermal process, XRD, DSC, optical microscopy and micro-hardness measurements were carried out. The experimental studies showed that crystal structure, microstructure and transformation temperature of Cu-Al-Co alloy were changed from the cooling conditions.