Sliding Mode Control of an Electromechanically-Actuated Launcher by Diminishing the Thrust Effect


2017 International Conference on Mechanical, System and Control Engineering (ICMSC 2017), St. Petersburg, Russia, 19 - 21 October 2017 identifier identifier


In ground-to-ground military engagements, launchers used in land vehicles play an important role for armies. In application, orienting missiles and rockets which are fired from the land vehicles and finally hitting the intended targets with high accuracy are issues that should be taken into consideration. In order to attain this goal, it is vital that an effective control algorithm be designed. As proven several times, the most robust and reliable control systems can be designed in a model-based manner. When the launchers are allocated on the moving vehicles, their control, diminishing the thrust effect during the munition firing and preparing the system for a new shot within a short duration get more important. In this study, the differential equations of motion of an electromechanically-actuated launcher are presented regarding its motion in both azimuth and elevation axes and a two-loop cascaded control system is proposed. As the inner loop of this scheme is enrolled to provide the stabilization by taking the angular speed variables of the launcher in both azimuth and in elevation planes as control variables, its outer loop is designated to make the angular position control of the launcher.