Artificial Intelligence Reseach Group

The aim of the Business Intelligence and Data Science Research Group is to produce knowledge using artificial intelligence methods in the fields of data science. To contribute to industry practices by developing new methods and technologies and to encourage the use and learning of artificial intelligence technologies. Business Intelligence and Data Science Research Group will produce data-driven decision support systems and ensure the use of artificial intelligence systems in business processes. Therefore, a research group has the following basic objectives.

1. Innovation and Development: Aims to develop new methods, models and technologies in the fields of business intelligence and data science. This includes innovative work to provide more effective, faster and reliable data analytics solutions.

2. Contribution to Industry Applications: Aims to provide solutions to practical challenges in the business world. This includes the development of practical applications, particularly for business intelligence applications, decision support systems and industrial use of data science models.

3. Training and Information Sharing: Group members encourage information sharing by organizing trainings, seminars and workshops among themselves and for the community. At the same time, it contributes to the sector by sharing innovations and findings in this field with a wide audience.

4. Cooperation with the Industry: The Group aims to develop solutions suitable for sectoral needs by collaborating with the business world. This can be achieved by pursuing joint projects with industry leaders or providing solutions to problems in the industry.

5. Training Students and Researchers: It aims to train young researchers and students in this field. This includes activities such as internships, thesis studies, project execution opportunities and mentoring.

6. Ethical Principles and Data Security: The Group attaches great importance to ethical rules and data security principles in business intelligence and data science studies. In this context, it aims to ensure that studies comply with ethical standards and data security.

Recent Publications