The main objective of Nuclear Science and Engineering (NSE) Research Group is to provide an international scientific and technical forum for scientists, engineers, industry leaders, policy makers, decision makers and young scientists/professionals who will shape future energy supply and technology, for a broad review and discussion of various advanced, innovative and non-conventional nuclear energy systems with unthikable ideas on sound scientific-technical basis.

Topical Areas


Fission&Fusion Energy

  • Accelerator Driven Systems
  • GEN-IV Reactors 
  • Plasma Confinement 
  • Nuclear Fuel Cycle 
  • Nuclear Materials 
  • Fast Breeders 
  • Radiation Protection and Shielding 
  • Nuclear Hydrogen Production 
  • Advanced Fission Systems 
  • Exotic Nuclear Reactor Concepts
  • Transmutation and Fuel Cycle
  • Nuclear Thermal Hydraulics
  • Power Systems in Space (Nuclear)