Identification and interpretations of the perspectives on Alewism in Republic Era Turkish novels Cumhuri̇yet devri̇ türk romaninda Alevîli̇k Algisina Yöneli̇k tespi̇t ve yorumlar

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Aytaş G.

Turk Kulturu ve Haci Bektas Veli - Arastirma Dergisi, vol.64, pp.271-282, 2012 (SCI-Expanded) identifier


There have been various opinions and evaluations about Alewism throughout history. While some of these ideas see Alewism not as a part of Islam, many consider it as a part of Islam and an application that has is unique and specifc interpretation. For this reason, the evaluation of this special and unique belief in our novels gains more importance. The topics in novels reveal a lot about the social and political features about the era it was written. Alewism has an important role among the topics studied in Turkish novels. Novels do not specifcally deal with Alewism but mention it. This shows us the dimensions of the sense of Alewism in novels. There are diferent attitudes towards Alewism in novels in that some see it as a phenomenon while others see it as a way of seperation and otherization. Alewism has been included in novels since 1950s. Novels about Alewism, which have been studied indirectly and critially, are seen to be written more 1960 onwards. There are many novels about Alewism but this paper focuses on twelve novels. It is also concerned with how Alewism is presented in these novels, the writers' perspectives on it and how this perspective afects the novel. First the themes were determined and then how a specifc topic like Alewism is presented was studied by looking at the evaluations about Alewism and scientifc facts about it.