Influence of tempering temperature and microstructure on wear properties of low alloy PM steel with 1-2% Ni addition


Power Metallurgy World Congress and Exhibition 2006, Busan, South Korea, 24 - 28 September 2006, pp.629-630 identifier identifier


The effect of tempering temperature and microstructure on dry sliding wear behavior of quenched and tempered PM steels was investigated. For this purpose, atomized iron powder was mixed with 0.3 % graphite and 1-2 % Ni powders. The mixed powders were cold pressed and sintered at 1200 degrees C. The sintered specimens were quenched from 890 degrees C and then tempered at 200 degrees C and 600 degrees C for 1 hr. Wear tests were carried out on the quenched+tempered specimens under dry sliding wear conditions using a pin-on-disk type machine at constant load and speed. The experimental results showed that the wear coefficient effectively increased with increasing tempering temperature. With increasing Ni content, the wear coefficient slightly decreased at all tempering temperatures due to the high amount of Ni-rich austenitic areas.