Microcontroller Based Electrical Machines Training Set

BAYINDIR R. , KABALCI E., Kaplan O., Oz Y. E.

15th International Power Electronics and Motion Control Conference and Exposition (EPE-PEMC ECCE Europe), Novi-Sad, Sırbistan, 4 - 06 Eylül 2012 identifier identifier


In this study, a multi-purpose training set has been designed and implemented as an auxiliary learning tool to teach the main concepts of electrical motors for students who attend the vocational and technical education. The system deals with three types of electrical motors as direct current (DC) motor, stepper motor and servo motor, which are controlled by a microcontroller. Although most of the systems in classical laboratories are focused on experimental activities without theoretical substructure, the system presented integrates the hands-on activities with the theoretical information. For this purpose, the theoretical information related to each electrical motor in the system has been given to the students firstly. Then, proficiency of the students has been evaluated using test questions related to the topic. Finally, if the students are reached to the desired level, they can perform the experimental studies using the system in order to efficiently reinforce the theoretical courses they have already learned. Combining the theoretical information with the application studies can be shown as an advantage of this study.