Investigation of Parameters for Energy Efficient Improvement in Transparent Facades

Beyhan F. , Ersan P. U.

3rd International Sustainable Buildings Symposium (ISBS), U ARAB EMIRATES, 15 - 17 Mart 2017, cilt.6, ss.444-454 identifier


Studies on building skin which promise to help minimizing the loss of energy while maximizing its gain are increasing day by day. Transparent surfaces as part of the building skin play an important role in determining the life and comfort of the buildings. One of the most important problem at the buildings have transparent facade systems with similar qualities on all facade surfaces as independent of location, direction and climatic data is overheating in the summer. Increasing energy loads due to the necessity of using cooling systems due to overheating are another problem to be solved. In order to make a positive contribution to energy performance, it is necessary to take architectural design decisions that take into account the problem of overheating.