Effects of temperature on the weldability of powder metal parts joined by diffusion welding

KURT A., Uygur I., ATEŞ H.

Beijing International Materials Week, Beijing, China, 25 - 30 June 2006, pp.667-668 identifier identifier


Diffusion welding is an advanced bonding process in which similar or dissimilar materials can be bonded in solid state. In this study, aluminium composite (5% and 15% WC) powders were compacted at 450 MPa pressure and sintered at 550 degrees C for 45 minutes in argon atmosphere.and joined each other by diffusion bonding. The bonding temperatures (585 degrees C, 600 degrees C, 615 degrees C) and dwell time (185 min) were chosen for the welding process at constant 20 MPa. It has been observed that these variations on the welding parameter strongly affected the microstructure and the weldability of the materials.