Planning of Parking Places on Transportation Infrastructure by Geographic Information Techniques

AYDINOĞLU A. Ç. , ŞENBİL M. , Saglam D., Demir S.

3rd International Istanbul Smart Grid Congress and Fair (ICSG), İstanbul, Türkiye, 29 - 30 Nisan 2015 identifier identifier


Considering the increased number of vehicles every day, parking supplies should meet parking demands on transportation infrastructure. Irregular construction and excessive population growth in urban areas required re-planning and site selection of parking places. In this study, an analysis algorithm was developed to determine location-based parking demand by using Geographic Information System (GIS) techniques. After calculating parking demand and supply balance, the location-allocation techniques of network analysis were implemented to determine the best locations of parking, depending on parking demand. These processing tools were tested for an urban area. As a result, an innovative data processing method was developed to determine the best locations of car parking.