Rise and Functions of New Media in Architecture: An Investigation via Archdaily

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GRID Architecture Planning and Design Journal, vol.4, no.1, pp.1-25, 2021 (Peer-Reviewed Journal) identifier


With the rapid spread and easy access of the Internet, the concept of digital media has entered all areas of life. Media tools, which are highly related to professions, affected the discipline of architecture as well and changed its dynamics in terms of design, production, marketing, and advertising. In this context, a closer look at the media concept becomes necessary due to its triggering effect on critical thinking in architecture. In this study, 5 functions of digital media will be introduced in detail and the Archdaily platform, one of the most popular and widely used new media of Architecture, will be analyzed via these functions. For this, 967 posts published by Arcdaily in 2019 were analyzed. In addition to the main hypothesis ‘Does Archdaily operate as a new architectural medium?’, sub-analyzes were carried out to see how Archdaily contributed to the world of architecture. Findings indicated that Archdaily was active in fulfilling all the 5 functions of media, though 3 functions, which are “socializing”, “providing cultural continuity” and “entertaining”, were observed to be fulfilled less than giving information and creating/shaping public opinion. Furthermore, qualitative analyses have shown that media functions were associated with the contents of publications. Findings imply the need for digital platforms to increase their activities in all functions equally and even surprise or exceed the 5 functions theory by adding new dimensions.