Investigation of Thermal Characteristic, Surface Morphology, Mechanical Properties and Tribological Properties of Polyamide 11 Powder Coating

Kevran S., Murathan O. F.

JOURNAL OF POLYTECHNIC-POLITEKNIK DERGISI, vol.24, no.2, pp.401-408, 2021 (ESCI) identifier


The purpose of this study was to investigate the mechanical and chemical characteristics of polyamide coating by dipping in a fluidized bed system. For polyamide coating application steel test specimens were used. Test specimens, which were sprayed with primer, were cured in an oven and then coated by dipping in fluidized bed. To investigate the mechanical properties abrasion resistance, scratch, salt spray and hot oil resistance tests were performed. Furthermore to investigate the thermal characteristics of coating DSC and TGA analyses were carried out. Molecular structure of polymer coating and primer were analysed by FTIR spectroscopy. Experimental results showed that primer consists nearly 50% percentage of water, coating surface was smoother than concerning investigations in literature. Scratch resistance of coating was above 40N. Up to 1.5kg load there was no crack on coating during falling weight test. Despite using an additional load of 1kg to abrasion wheels during 5000 cycles of test polyamide coating showed fine abrasion performance. On the coation surface, there were no coating failure or deterioration failure was observed after salt spray and hot oil tests. In summary, polyamide powder coatings applied by dipping in a fluidized bed can be used in harsh corrosive environments and also this coating is suitable for mechanic parts where the mechanical strength is necessary.