The Investigation of Municipal Buildings Environments with regard to Turkish Standards Mersin Province Sample

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Bitigen Saylam A., Güngör C.

GAZI UNIVERSITY JOURNAL OF SCIENCE Part B: ART, HUMANITIES, DESIGN AND PLANNING, vol.4, no.3, pp.49-58, 2016 (Peer-Reviewed Journal)


In 2005,with the law no 5378 and the provision that public buildings to be made accessible in 7 years, was reserved one more year on 4/7/2012. Today, in all structures we have used, all municipality buildings which are the subject of investigation are due to be accessible. In this context, from central districts of province Mersin, Mezitli municipality building, an older structure (1977- 1980);however, in which the facilities have been built for disabled, and more recently built (2003) Akdeniz municipality buildings were chosen and the states of implementations of indoor and outdoor arrangements with regard to TS 9111 was detected in five points such as material,implementation,measurement,signage,instant availability and endurance. The objective of this study is to reveal that the necessity to be in all areas of equalitycan also be provided for disabled and to bring suggestions about accessibility to buildings used intensively by increasing awareness. All users should be able to reach places and also meet all their needs without help. Within the scope of this study,in addition to extensive research,photography and observation methods, andforms were applied under TS 9111. In the article,environmental approach to the buildings and interior entrances will be studied. Applications made in these places and at which point they need editing will be determined.