Optimization of PI Controller Gains using Genetic Algorithm for Time-Delayed Load Frequency Control Systems with Electric Vehicles Aggregator

Naveed A., Zerdali E., Sonmez S., AYASUN S.

11th International Conference on Electrical and Electronics Engineering (ELECO), Bursa, Türkiye, 28 - 30 Kasım 2019, ss.76-80 identifier identifier


This paper presents a genetic algorithm (GA) based approach to optimize controller gains for a single-area load frequency control system that includes an electric vehicles (EVs) aggregator and incommensurate communication time delays. Firstly, a stability boundary locus method is implemented to determine all stabilizing proportional integral (PI) controller gain that constitutes a stability region in the controller parameter space. A GA based optimization approach is then utilized to obtain an optimum set of controller gain that minimizes the mean square error of the deviation in the system frequency response. The effectiveness of the controller in retaining the desired frequency response is validated by time domain-simulation.