Review of Liquefaction Around Marine and Pile-Supported Wharf Structures

ÖZTÜRK KARDOĞAN P. S. , Bhattacharya S.

3rd International Sustainable Buildings Symposium (ISBS), U ARAB EMIRATES, 15 - 17 Mart 2017, cilt.6, ss.893-903 identifier


Earthquake recossaince survey showed that liquefaction of soil caused severe damage to pile-supported structures, for example bridges and marine-wharf structures. Marine wharf structures provide logistic support to shipping, distribution, and other facilities for the transport of cargos via water. Thus, these structures must be less affected from seismic related hazards such as liquefaction, lateral spreading and settlement. Literature review showed that damage to pile supported wharfs often occured due to lateral movement of liquefiable soil which caused horizontal displacement of structures and also settlement. As a result, pile supported marine structures were badly damaged. In this study, a review of typical damages to marine and pile-supported wharf structures observed in the past earthquake is presented Based on the observed damages and current understanding of pile failure, criteria for design of pile-supported marine structures is presented.