Design Of a Multiple Fiber Bragg Sensor Define of Temperature Parameters of the Fiber Bragg Gratings

YÜCEL M. , Ozturk N. F. , YÜCEL M. , Goktas H. H.

26th IEEE Signal Processing and Communications Applications Conference (SIU), İzmir, Türkiye, 2 - 05 Mayıs 2018 identifier identifier


In this study, sensor array is designed with 4 piece of FBGs to measure temperatures using the broadband laser source. These FBGs are put into thermal medium and temperature is changed between 30 degrees C -100 degrees C with 5 degrees C steps. The changes of optic signals are examined at the optical spectrum analyzer for each 5 degrees C raise. The wavelength shifts of reflected lights for each FBGs are measured and temperature parameters of FBGs are obtained for the real time fiber optical sensor applications.