Automatic Brain Tissue Segmentation on TOF MRA Image

Ozen S. K. , Aksahin M. F.

Medical Technologies National Congress (TIPTEKNO), ELECTR NETWORK, 19 - 20 November 2020 identifier identifier


For the segmentation of brain vessels from MRA images, brain tissue is used in the head, eye, skull, etc. must be separated from the structures. For this reason, studies are carried out for the segmentation of brain tissue. In this study, the method that automatically segregates brain tissue from magnetic resonance angiography images taken with time of flight (TOF) technique is presented. The method in the study consists of live steps. First of all, the tip contrast values in the image are filtered by anisotropic diffusion filtering method. Parameters of anisotropic diffusion method are determined automatically by the natural image quality evaluator method. Sudden density transitions arc detected by applying LoG edge detection filter on the filtered image. It is made ready for image analysis by applying etching on the image with density transitions. According to the conditions determined in image analysis, brain tissue is obtained separated from other head structures. As a result of this study, an easy-to-apply, fast-delivering, high-accuracy automatic algorithm has been introduced.