Optimum Building Envelope Solution Strategies Based on the Solar Data in Performative Architecture

Beyhan F. , Alagöz M.

3rd International Sustainable Buildings Symposium (ISBS), U ARAB EMIRATES, 15 - 17 Mart 2017, cilt.6, ss.563-583 identifier


The number of the people who are aware of the energy issue is increasing since the fossil fuel reserves of the earth are coming to an end, and this fossil fuel consumption threatens the natural balance of the earth and human health. Considering the fact that the majority of the energy is consumed for constructing buildings and in these buildings after the construction, it is important to take energy-based decisions regarding the designs during the planning process. This study aims to present the optimum building envelope solution strategies by using the solar parameters, which are the most effective environmental factors in Turkey, with up-to-date computer programs making the digital designing process possible in performative architecture. Various samples were analyzed to examine the roles of performative architecture in pre and post-design process, and the relationship between the building envelope and energy was determined. In addition, the importance of using computers during the disregarded design process was emphasized, and awareness was raised in this issue.