Analyzing and Implementation of a ZVT Boost Converter Used in PV Applications

Ghasemikashtiban M., Balouji E.

IEEE PES Innovative Smart Grid Technologies Conference Europe (ISGT-Europe), Ljubljana, Slovenya, 9 - 12 Ekim 2013 identifier identifier


Basic Boost converter topology is the most popular topology used in power factor correction circuits. The efficiency and performance of the boost converter depends on the switching frequency affecting the switching loss. This paper presents a soft-switching boost converter that used to convert photovoltaic panels output level. The converter is suitable for variable boosting factor and high efficiency applications, due to the soft-switching cell adapted to the converter. In order to verify its effectiveness, experimental verification is applied on a 120-watt converter. The DSP based PI controller used to generate 50kHz signals. The results from the converter operating with hard-switching and soft-switching are compared. Theoretical analysis, operation principle and topology details are also presented and studied. The method can be easily adopted by smart-grid applications like microgrids and where accurate and smartly managing power supply is required.