The effect of mineral admixtures on freeze-thaw resistance of self-compacting lightweight concrete with pumice aggregate Pomza agregalı kendiliğinden yerleşen hafif betonların donma çözülme direncine mineral katkıların etkisi


El-Cezeri Journal of Science and Engineering, vol.8, no.1, pp.94-101, 2021 (Scopus) identifier


© 2021, TUBITAK. All rights reserved.In this study, 13 different self-compacting lightweight concrete specimens with pumice aggregate was produced with fly ash, silica fume, perlite powder and pumice powder as mineral admixtures. Mineral admixtures such that silica fume, fly ash, pumice powder and pumice powder were tried single, double and triple combinations. Control specimens was prepared with viscosity modifiers chemical additive. Compacting ability and freezing-thawing performance of all mixtures were investigated. Fresh unit weight of prepared mixture was 1900-2000 g/dm3. All of the series have been self-compatibility properties. The results showed that workability of hybrid mineral admixture was better than single using or without mineral admixtures. The compressive strength of self-compacting lightweight concretes with mineral admixtures was decreased after that freezing and thawing cycles.