Springback prediction of CP2 titanium sheets in hydroforming with membrane diaphragm process with finite element method

Aydogan C. S. , Hatipoglu H. A. , KELEŞ Ö.

5th International Conference on New Forming Technology (ICNFT), Bremen, Germany, 18 - 21 September 2018, vol.190 identifier identifier


This study aims to predict and to examine the springback of CP2 Titanium sheets in hydroforming with membrane diaphragm process, which is the branch of hydroforming process. The Hydroforming with Membrane Diaphragm was used for experimental investigation, in which specified CP2 titanium sheets were bent with various radii and angles on a specifically designed die. Springback results were then used to validate the finite element model constructed previously. Results show that the numerical model of this study can be used to predict the approximate springback values. Thus, the scrap quantities of the sheet metal titanium products can be reduced by making some modifications on the die, such as the springback compensation based on the obtained approximate springback values.