Criticism as a Design Method in Architectural Education: Criticizing City and Culture in Atelier 1

Uludağ Z. , Güleç G. , Gerçek N.

ARCHITECTURAL EPISODES 01: EDUCATIONAL PURSUITS AND EXPERIENCES, Gazimagusa, Kıbrıs (Kktc), 15 - 16 Kasım 2018, ss.8

  • Yayın Türü: Bildiri / Tam Metin Bildiri
  • Basıldığı Şehir: Gazimagusa
  • Basıldığı Ülke: Kıbrıs (Kktc)
  • Sayfa Sayıları: ss.8


Criticism as a Design Method in Architectural Education: Criticizing City and Culture in Atelier 1


Prof. Dr. Zeynep ULUDAĞ1, Instructor Dr. Gülşah GÜLEÇ2, Res. Assist. Neva GERÇEK ATALAY3




Criticism has always been a challenging method in architectural education as well as in architectural theory and design. It enhances multidimensional design thinking and knowledge in architecture. Atelier 1, an architectural design studio at Gazi University Faculty of Architecture Department of Architecture, has been using criticism as a design method under the theme of “City and Culture as a Critical Ground” since 2014. This critical theme has enabled to discover interdisciplinary tools and methods for understanding and interpreting the city of Ankara and its culture. Students in Atelier 1 have been encouraged to benefit from other disciplines such as art and philosophy in which criticism has been defined and discussed by new concepts. Criticism has motivated them to develop new design methods and new methods of representation such as articulation, superimposition, juxtaposition, overlapping or folding in the process. So it has been revealed that criticism is not limited to theory in architecture. It has enabled architectural design to be developed according to the specificities of place and program, not to formal anxieties. However, criticism has rarely been involved in architectural design education in which form (the product) has become more important than concept (the process) today. That’s why; Atelier 1 aims to emphasize that criticism has a potential of changing the conventional processing particularly in architectural education by criticizing and conceptualizing city and culture.  

Keywords: Architectural Education; Design Method; Criticism; City; Culture