Teaching methods used by geography teachers in Libya: Qualitative analysis

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Al-Lasaqa F. M. , Şahin S.

African Educational Research Journal, vol.10,4, pp.419-430, 2022 (Peer-Reviewed Journal)


One of the important elements of the teaching process is the teaching methods and the other is the teachers who determine these methods and put them into practice. While determining the teaching methods, various factors such as the general or specific objectives of the course, the characteristics of the subject to be taught, the characteristics of the student group, the material and the cost are effective, but especially the competence of the teachers in the teaching method is also an important issue. Because the planning and implementation of the teaching process in the classroom environment are directly related to the characteristics of the teacher. Based on what has been stated, in this study, the teaching methods used by geography teachers in Libya in teaching geography are discussed. The study aims to determine the opinions of teachers about the teaching methods used in geography teaching in Libyan schools. The research was carried out using the data obtained by the focus group interview method with 10 teachers working in educational institutions in Libya. According to the data obtained in the study, it was determined that geography teachers in Libyan schools mostly used traditional teaching methods and the education they received during university education had a significant effect on their choice of method. The geography teachers who participated in the study emphasized that the lack of auxiliary materials played an important role in determining the teaching method regarding the subject. Geography teachers stated that the problems related to the use of information and communication technology in schools and the realization of out-of-class learning activities are effective in determining the teaching methods.