A Qulitative Study on Problems Faced by Refugees in Turkey

Topcu Z.

Journal of International Civilization Studies, vol.3, no.2, pp.191-206, 2018 (Peer-Reviewed Journal)


The purposes of this study demonstrates the socio-economic, cultural and educational problems of the refugees in Turkey and develop policy recommendations. We will find answers to these questions below.  What is the opinion of refugees for the socio-economic issues they face and what can be done to solve these problems?  What is their opinion of cultural problems?  What is their opinion of educational problems? This study has been implemented in the case of qualitative research in science pattern to reveal the problems of the refugees that they encounter in Turkey. The study group consists of 20 refugees. The study group has been interviewed to find answers to the issues. The participants are coded with “M” in order to determine which participant is making a direct deduction from the participant. The participant numbers are added next to the given codes. In addition, descriptive and content analysis technique was used to analyze the data. The data in the study was obtained from the forms consisting of open-ended questions.