The use of spring-loaded posterior bite-block in the treatment of open-bite Açik kapaniş tedavisinde yayli arka isirma blogu (spring-loaded posterior bite-block) uygulamasi.

Işcan H., AKKAYA S.

Türk ortodonti dergisi : Ortodonti Derneg'nin resmi yayin organidir = Turkish journal of orthodontics, vol.2, no.1, pp.160-172, 1989 (Scopus) identifier identifier


The treatment objectives of open-bite cases which occurs as a result of the excess vertical growth of nasomaxillary complex, increase in the upper and lower posterior vertical dentoalveolar development, downward and backward growth of the mandible are restraining of the growth capacity of these regions and leading the growth of the mandible on the horizontal plane. One of the treatment alternatives of these cases is the spring-loaded posterior bite block; a functional orthopedic appliance. In this case report which the effects of spring-loaded posterior bite block therapy on craniofacial and dentoalveolar structures have been shown; three cases having chronological ages of 9 years 8 months; 10 years 4 months and 10 years 1 month were presented and the treatment results were discussed. The common effects of spring-loaded posterior bite-block therapy observed in three cases are; the restraint of the vertical growth of the maxilla and of both lower-upper posterior dentoalveolar structures, change in the growth pattern of the mandible from vertical towards horizontal plane.