Modelling of interaction between surface waves and mud layer

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COMPUTATIONAL SCIENCE - ICCS 2004, PT 2, PROCEEDINGS, vol.3037, pp.618-621, 2004 (SCI-Expanded) identifier identifier


The analytical and numerical modelling of interaction between the mud layer at the sea bottom and the surface waves have been presented. In the simulations the theory for linear water wave movement in a two-layer viscous fluid system has been considered. The upper layer represents water and the lower layer represents fluid-mud. The type of the bottom material over which waves are propagating is assumed to be similar to a viscous fluid, characterized by a viscosity and density greater than the overlying fluid. It is assumed that the two fluids are incompressible and isotropic, and the rigid strata is smooth and impermeable. At the surface the height of the surface wave is specified and the forced interfacial wave is determined. Developed model solves the equations of motion for an incompressible fluid by composite finite difference-finite element approximations on a staggered scheme. Results of analytical and numerical solutions are compared with the experimental results and favourable agreement has been obtained.