Implementation of a call system with power line communication

BAL G. , Daldal N., ÖZTÜRK N.

2009 International Conference on Application of Information and Communication Technologies, AICT 2009, Baku, Azerbaycan, 14 - 16 Ekim 2009 identifier


In this study, a communication system to send an eight-bits data to the receiver via an energy transmission (power) line was designed and tested. On the transmitter three buttons were used to send three different data to the line. On the receiver side, a buzzer and an LCD screen were used for the voice warning and for indication of the button which a call is activated. There is no need of additional inter-line between the transmitters and receivers. By using this setup, one preserves much time, labor and cost. The prototype of the developed setup was successfully operated in a flat. ©2009 IEEE.