Childhood abuse and its effects in students of Ankara vocational high school child development department

Gurhan N., Ozbas A. A. , Kabatas E.

Cyprus International Conference on Educational Research (CY-ICER), CYPRUS, 8 - 11 Şubat 2012, cilt.47, ss.1141-1145 identifier


The aim is to determine the relation between childhood abuse and psychological symptoms. Data is collected by Student Information Form, Brief Symptom Inventory and Childhood Trauma Questionnaire. Emotional abuse-neglect scores are strongly correlated with Obsessive-Compulsive (r=.26; p<0.01), Interpersonal Sensitivity (r=.37; p<0.01), Depression (r=.39; p<0.01), Phobic Anxiety (r=.31; p<0.01) and Psychoticsm (r=.27; p<0.01) scores. Physical abuse subscale point has a strong correlate with Interpersonal Sensitivity(r=.3; p<0.01), Anxiety Disorder (r=.33; p<0.01), Depression (r=.37; p<0.01), Phobic Anxiety (r=.33; p<0.01), Psychoticsm subscale score (r=.29; p<0.01). Sexual abuse subscale score with CTQ has strong correlate among all subscale point.