Usage of Inorganic Based Materials as Flame Retardants in Polymer Composites

Yilmaz E., Beycioglu A., Aruntas Y., ŞAMANDAR A.

3rd International Sustainable Buildings Symposium (ISBS), U ARAB EMIRATES, 15 - 17 Mart 2017, cilt.6, ss.378-386 identifier


Although composite materials have been used to solve technological problems in the material industry, they have been exactly taking attention since the 1960s. Composite materials have become increasingly common engineering materials and have become widely used in many applications such as automotive parts, sporting goods, aerospace parts, consumer products and marine and petroleum products. In this work, reducing the flammability characteristic of polymer-based composites which have the carbon-based matrix due to the presence of inorganic-based compounds added during composite production was examined. Also, preliminary findings of the experimental study on the flame resistance of composite containing sepiolite, aluminum hydroxide, antimony trioxide and zinc borate were presented. Results showed that using some additional materials in mixing design improve the flammability properties of composite materials.