Preventing of rutting and crackings in the bituminous mixtures by monoethylene and diethylene glycol based synthetic polyboron compounds

Arslan D., GÜRÜ M., ÇUBUK M. K.

CONSTRUCTION AND BUILDING MATERIALS, vol.50, pp.102-107, 2014 (SCI-Expanded) identifier identifier


This study deals the modification of bitumen with two new materials, monoethylene glycol based polyboron compound (MEGPC) and diethylene glycol based polyboron compound (DEGPC). These compounds were synthesized chemically and used separately as an additive within the 50/70 penetration grade bitumen. Evaluations about modified bitumens were built on the results of conventional tests (softening point test, Marshall test, Nicholson stripping test) and superpave methods (rotational viscosity, Dynamic Shear Rheometer (DSR), Bending Beam Rheometer (BBR)). The effects of additive concentration on the viscosity were detected at different test temperatures firstly and amount of each additive to be used in the bitumen were chosen as 2% (w/w). The softening point of the bitumen was increased by DEGPC and a slight decrease was obtained by MEGPC modifications. Marshall tests have showed that stability of the bituminous mixtures was improved by both of the additives. Better low temperature cracking resistance and stripping resistance were provided by addition of MEGPC to the original bitumen by means of BBR and Nicholson stripping test results, respectively. Rutting resistance of the original bitumen was enhanced by DEGPC modification according to the DSR test results. (C) 2013 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.