Translating the fingerprints to the faces: A new approach Parmakizinden yüze geçiş: Yeni bir yaklaşim


2008 IEEE 16th Signal Processing, Communication and Applications Conference, SIU, Aydın, Türkiye, 20 - 22 Nisan 2008 identifier


Although many approaches and algorithms about biometric recognition techniques have been developed and proposed in the literature; relationships about biometrics have not been studied in the field so far. In this study, we have analysised the existence of any relationship between biometric features and we have tried to obtain a biometric feature of a person from another biometric feature of the same person. Consequently, we have designed and introduced a new and intelligent system using a novel approach based on artificial neural networks for generating faces from fingerprints with % 5.68 mean absolute percent errors. Experimental results have demonstrated that it is possible to generate faces from fingerprints without knowing any information about faces. In addition it is shown that fingerprints and faces are related to each other closely. In spite of the proposed system is initial study and it is still under development, the results are very encouraging and promising. ©2008 IEEE.