Design and Analysis of a 3.3kW Inductive Power Transfer System

Erel M. Z. , Bayindir K. C. , Aydemir M. T.

4th International Conference on Power Electronics and their Applications (ICPEA), Elazığ, Türkiye, 25 - 27 Eylül 2019 identifier identifier


Inductive power transfer (IPT) system which is loosely coupled has recently gained importance for electric vehicle battery charging applications. In this paper, a 3.3 kW wireless inductive power transfer application using series-series compensation topology is designed and analyzed in PLECS Plexim software. Small signal modelling of the IPT system using extended describing function method is introduced since shows better accuracy in resonant converters. Among many control methods, phase shift controlled method is preferred due to simple control structure. Moreover, bifurcation which causes to hard switching for primary side full bridge inverter is considered while designing inductive power transfer system to provide control stability. As a result, transient behavior of the suggested IPT system is presented in detail.