The Effect of Time of Powder Removal on Powder Particle Size and Shape Copper Powder Produced by Electrolysis Method


4th International Conference on Powder Metallurgy, RoPM 2009, Craiova, Romania, 8 - 11 July 2009, vol.672, pp.271-272 identifier identifier


In this study, electrolyze unit, which is used for the production of metal powders, was designed and produced. The production of powder was carried out by using different parameter times of powder removal (5, 10, 20, 30 and 40 min.). The effect of time of powder removal on powder particle size and shape was examined. Laser particle measurement machine and SEM were also used to measure particle size and particle shape respectively. Experimental results indicated that an increase in time of powder removal caused an increase in powder particle size and its shape changed from acicular dentritic to globular dentritic.