Synchronization and Secure Communication in a Resistor Double Inductor and Diode Circuit

KURT E. , Bingol C.

58th IEEE International Scientific Conference on Power and Electrical Engineering of Riga-Technical-University (RTUCON), Riga, Letonya, 12 - 13 Ekim 2017 identifier identifier


The synchronization and secure communication studies with a resistor-double inductor-double diode (i.e. R2L2D) circuit have been performed. Besides, a new concept on the information signal recovery, which relates the operating chaotic regime of the circuit to the recovered signal is proposed. Theoretical and experimental tests prove that the new version of the RLD circuit, namely R2L2D has different phase space portrays with highly symmetric attractor and the chaotic regimes appear for slightly lower input voltages V-in compared to the usual RLD. the synchronization occurs for wide parameter region of the circuit up to V-in = 12 V and f= 150 kHz. A new averaged synchronization rate (i.e. S) concept is introduced to classify the synchronization order. S varies from lower synchronization rate S = 15 to the higher one S = 65 for the explored system. The best synchronization is obtained for lower frequency and amplitude. In addition, the efficient secure communication regions are obtained for different features of the information signals, indeed the parameters change from (50 kHz, 18 V) to (400 kHz, 2 V) for those regions. It is proven that the recovery of the information signals is successful at higher frequencies such as 300 kHz, when the information signal amplitude gets lower. According to the tests, the chaotic regimes also affect the recovery of the signal in the sense that the chaotic regimes sitting at the input parameters of lower frequency enhance the region of the recovery of the information signal for the explored circuit.