Scrubbing of SO2 with trona solution in a spray drier

Doğu G., Güldür F. Ç. , Doğu T., Gürüz G., Durmaz A., Ercan Y.

Canadian Journal Of Chemical Engineering, vol.70, no.4, pp.808-813, 1992 (SCI-Expanded)


ffect of operating variables on the scrubbing efficiency of SO2 in a spray drier was investigated using trona (Na2 CO3 · NaHCO3 · 2H2 O) solutions of different compositions. Results indicated that for a Na/S mole ratio of two (stoichiometric ratio) about 80% of the SO2 was removed. For higher Na/S ratios, SO2 removal efficiency increased by up to 100%. Increased SO2 concentration in the feed gas and decreased outlet temperature caused an increase in the overall conversion. At low temperatures and low SO2 concentration, the reaction takes place mainly between SO2 and Na2 CO3 As the temperature is increased, decomposition of NaHCO3 to Na2 CO3 and sorption reactions take place simultaneously.