Evaluation of the structures of the texts taking place in the textbook Turkish, grades 1-5, for primary schools according to their sorts

Sulak S. E. , PİLTEN G.

1st World Conference on Learning, Teaching and Administration (WCLTA), Cairo, Mısır, 29 - 31 Ekim 2010, cilt.9 identifier identifier


The aim of this study is to evaluate the structures of the texts taking place in the Textbook Turkish, Grades 1 - 5, according to their sorts. In this study, which possesses a narrative feature, general combing model was used. The universe of this study consists of the textbooks Turkish made a decision by National Educational Ministry to be studied in the grades 1 - 5 of the primary schools. From the text books, 3 textbook for each grade level was randomly selected The narrative and informative texts taking place In totally 15 books form the sample population of the study. As a data collecting tool, using an evaluation form the structures of the narrative texts and an evaluation form the structures of the informative texts, 432 texts were examined one by one in terms of their sorts and looked at their distribution according to their sorts and at what rates they possess the structural elements. According to the findings obtained during study, it was determined that 143 of 432 texts were narrative, 158 informative and 131 poems. In all narrative texts, it was seen that there were the elements of stage and main character, but that there was no the other narrative elements (beginning event, problem, the attempts for solving the problem, conclusion, main idea, reaction) in this rate. Generally, in all of informative texts, it was determined that descriptive sort of texts were included and that the other sorts (Putting in order chronologically, cause - effect, comparison - Making an analogy, solving problem) were not included adequately in the textbooks.