Single Phase Active Power Filter Control under Distorted Grid Voltage Using Quasi Open-Loop Grid-Synchronization Technique

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Biricik S., Ahmed H., Komurcugil H., GÜLER N. , Ozmen B., Benbouzid M.

12th Power Electronics, Drive Systems, and Technologies Conference, PEDSTC 2021, Tabriz, Iran, 2 - 04 February 2021 identifier


© 2021 IEEE.This paper proposes a quasi open-loop grid-synchronization technique-based control scheme for active power filter. The proposed filtering technique does not require any direct frequency feedback which has the advantage of unconditional stability. Based on the reference a current, a proportional integral and hysteresis band current control scheme is developed for fast and accurate tracking of the reference current by the APF's converter. Matlab/Simulink-based extensive numerical simulation studies are performed to demonstrate the robust performance of the proposed technique in distorted grid.