Applıcatıon Of Bpm Systematıcs By Usıng Process Mınıng In Enterprıses Wıth A Software-Assısted Industrıal Applıcatıon Example Constructıon Company

Institution Of The Thesis: Gazi University, Turkey

Approval Date: 2017

Thesis Language: Turkish

Student: Betül Gerek Köse

Consultant: DİYAR AKAY


In recent years, companies that want to increase their competitive strength are getting rid of the traditional management system methods and are turning to business process management methods. These methods have led to bring a different perspective to the operations of the company. Defining company processes and managing them with identified technological infrastructures have begun to support companies for their management issues. Process mining is also a method that has been used in recent years to standardize the data recorded in most companies. Habitual activities cause inefficiency in companies and these inefficient activities can be detected, noticed and extracted from the flow by using process mining techniques. And the standardization in the workflow with used software also causes more efficient time management. In this study, differences between the work flows arising from transferring the data that are written in the construction firm using the business process management software to the process mining software and the work flows designed after the work done during the analysis phase are evaluated, various suggestions have been made about how to optimize resource and efficient workflows.