Enhancıng Shear Behavıour Of Masonry Walls Wıth Steel Sheet/Strıps

Institution Of The Thesis: Gazi University, Turkey

Approval Date: 2018

Thesis Language: Turkish

Student: Rüçhan Emir Özmen



There are porous and full brick walls in different thicknesses and dimensions in building stock of Turkey due to architectural requirements. In masonry buildings although the strength of brick walls is sufficient for vertical loads, they exhibit inadequate strength and rigidity in horizontal direction. Therefore, they are exposed to risk of damage. Many studies have been carried out for the aim of strengthening and they have substituted in literature. The investigation made intends strengthening existing walls without destroying them and thus it intends that problems do not come true like loss of building function, long construction time, enlargement of cross sections and evacuation of users during the construction period. Thus it is intended to improve a technique that is fast applicable and does not enlarge cross sections. A total of 36 test elements that 12 of them are reference elements were produced by using porous masonry brick, full blend brick and aerated concrete. Three different steel patterns were applied to the specimens and the effect of wall material and type of strengthening on shear carrying load has been investigated. As the result of experiments, the shear strength increase, deformation and energy absorption capacities of the elements were compared.