Evaluatıon Of Ankara Hıgh Speed Traın Statıon In The Context Of Consumptıon Culture

Institution Of The Thesis: Gazi University, Turkey

Approval Date: 2019

Thesis Language: Turkish

Student: Tuğba Özdemir



In this thesis, the concepts of consumption and consumption society and the fact that railway terminal structures represent a reality in the context of being an object of consumption, being a part of consumer culture and icon structure. With Ankara High Speed Train Station is aimed to explain how and how railway terminal structures are affected by consumption and consumption society. In this context, the literature on the definitions and contents of related concepts has been studied, and the effects of the consumption and consumption society concept on Ankara High Speed Train Station locations are examined under two main headings. The theoretical-conceptual criterion is defined as the iconic value, the spatial criteria are defined as transportation function, commercial function, cultural function and aesthetic values. As a result of reviews, it is seen that the structure of Ankara High Speed Train Station, which emerged with the increase of globalization all over the world and the development of technology, is the connection point of the transportation network which is the main function of the railway terminal building at the networking function is dimmed. The additional functions involved in the requirements of the design are consumption-oriented and transform the railway terminal structure into a consumption space. This study aims to contribute to the determination of values for design and usage of high-speed train stations and terminal buildings whose productions start and continue in our country.