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Research Areas: Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing, Machining Methods, Solid Mechanics, Finite Element Methods




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Born in 1975 in Afyonkarahisar, Turkey, Prof. Dr. Abdullah Kurt completed a BSc degree in Gazi University, Faculty of Technical Education, Department of Mechanical Education, Ankara, Turkey in 1997. He completed a MSc degree in 2001 and a PhD degree in 2006, respectively, in the Department of Mechanical Education of the Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences of Gazi University in Ankara, Turkey. He has been working in th Department of Manufacturing Engineering of Faculty of Technology of Gazi University, Ankara, Turkey with the title of Professor Doctor since December 2020.


Prof. Dr. Kurt teaches the undergraduate level courses such as Mechanics, Static, Dynamics, Mechanics of Materials, and the postgraduate level courses such as Applied Finite Element Analysis. His areas of interest are metal cutting, machinability, mechanics of metal cutting, analysis of cutting tool stresses, finite element method on metal cutting, simulation of machining and mathematical modeling of cutting parameters. There are a total of 9 MSc and 3 PhD theses supervised, and of which 7 MSc and 2 PhD theses have been completed. He has served as researcher, project manager and advisor in various research projects supported by the Unit of Scientific Research Projects of Gazi University, the State Planning Organization and the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology of Turkey. As of January 2021, Prof. Dr. Abdullah Kurt has a total of 15 SCI / SCI-E papers published in the journals in Web of Science databases and 12 proceedings presented and published in the international conferences. In addition, he has a total of 11 national / international papers published in journals other than SCI/SCI-E and 4 proceedings presented and published in the national conferences. As of January 2021, his works have a total of 189 citations from SCI / SCI-E journals in the Web of Science database. The h-index value, also known as the Hirsch index, which shows the popularity / productivity and influence of a researcher, is 7.


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