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Institutional Information: Mimarlık Fakültesi, Mimarlık, Mimarlık
Research Areas: Architecture, History of Architecture

Names in Publications: Bengi Su Ertürkmen



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Bengi Su Ertürkmen-Aksoy was born in Istanbul and received her PhD from Gazi University in 2020 with her dissertation “Network and Modernity of ‘High Society’ in Urban Spaces of Istanbul, 1856-1896”. Her academic career as a Research Assistant at the Department of Architecture at Gazi University started in 2012 while working on her master thesis which is about the Jewish Quarter in Ankara. Her research in the fields of architectural and urban history mainly focuses on the modernity and daily life in the 19th century Ottoman Empire. She was awarded together with her colleagues the VEKAM Research Award in 2021 with their project “​​Transformation of Ankara Sports Club Activities into Leisure Activities and Construction of New Locales: 1922 – 1946”. Apart from her academic research she has various degrees in architectural design competitions.


Bengi Su Ertürkmen-Aksoy, PhD

Asst. Prof.

Department of Architecture, Gazi University