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“Science in itself is precious, but more precious is the capability to find truth inside it by the scientists.”

Biography: Prof. Dr. Cigdem ELMAS

Dr. Elmas, Histologist and Embryologist, educator and researcher, is currently a professor at the Gazi University Scholl of Medicine, Histology and Embriyology Department since 2009. She is a fully trained human Histologist and Embryologist; has completed a B.Sc. degree of education with honours in Biology department of the Middle East Technical University (METU), Ankara city-Turkey, and has completed her M.M.Sc with a research focus on “Immunohistochemical demonstration of the epidermal growth factor receptors on fetal olfactory mucosa” and Ph.D with a research focus on “Immunohistochemical determination of various CD molecules in the thymus in different age groups until puberty” at 2004. She had participated in many training courses like scientific workshops, faculty and leadership development workshops, training course in electron microscopy techniques and interpretation and basic techniques of stem cell isolation and molecular biology and also had participated many international conferences in the field of Histology and Embryology. She has won several prestigious awards, including “Best Experimental Study Award: June 29-July 2, 2011. 6th World Congress of the Society of Reconstructive Microsurgery, Finland”. Prof. Dr. Elmas is a author in many scientific papers published in national and international journals and having practical experience in different diagnostic techniques in the field of histology including different staining techniques, immunohistochemistry, scanning and transmission electron microscope. Prof. Dr. Elmas's research interests include the application of all available histology and molecular biology techniques (light microscopy, transmission electron microscopy (TEM), Scanning electron microscopy (SEM), immunohistochemistry, as well as other innovated techniques. She has admınıstratıve dutıes, commıssıon & board memberships including membership of Gazi University Faculty of Medicine Accreditation Self Evaluation commission and Academic Evaluation and Quality Improvement Coordinator of Membership. She is a supervisor of a number of post-graduate students locally and internationally. Currently she is supervising 10 master thesis and 3 PHD thesis. Dr. She is Editorial Board Member of Mathews Journal of Nutrition & Dietetics. She has membership in many scientific and medical societies. Dr. Elmas has been a member of the Turkish Histology and Embryology Association for 7 years and has been its president for the last three years.

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